Build around people, not ideas

Setting up a company around a single product or service idea can be tempting.

To make it work infrastructure is set up around sustaining that idea. If the idea fails, the company is gone… People will become paranoid to protect that idea.
And if the idea and its successful implementation is successful and is sold, the idea will most likely fail…

It is more valuable to have a constant flow of ideas. The most valuable in that process is having the right people. Right people are attracted to places where they can have those good ideas.
So build a company around people and not around product. Great people will lead to great products. Give them the space to create.

Oh and expose those people to the right problems, otherwise they will have ideas for problems nobody has…
Before you know it you have a whole infrastructure for selling crappy ideas.

So slow down.
Begin with the right people. Give them time and trust them.
The rest will come.