Knowledge = connections

Circular Reasoning

And we keep saving all our knowledge in text… But are we? In our brains there is no text. We save everything into neurons. No not even inside those neurons but in the connections between those neurons. We make associations based on logic. Cat is an animal, just like a dog. Our input travels through the paths of our brain to produce the right output. Highways are formed by making a connection stronger.

We translate the knowledge to linear text to transfer it. We customize the linearity of the formed story when we speak to a person. We can adapt to his/her context. But when we save the knowledge inside text for general consumption a lot is lost. To consume the text we need to translate it back to ourselves. To our own knowledge and connections.


But what if we save all our knowledge into connections, into webs, into networks? Into connections with faceless neurons without words, without language, without any symbol? We could always connect those connections with words and their synonyms. So those words are the knowledge blocks, the references. References to real world meaning. References to other references.

What if we could surf those references connecting them by logic. By logic that saves what the relation of those two words are. But we already do that by connecting words by grammar. Grammar = logic. Grammar linking the words makes the context.

By interpreting existing words, to seek their references, by using grammar to find their relation you can build connections and surf them. A question is just asking for a neuron-connection one has and the other does not. We already have the basics! Wikipedia is the first collection of knowledge. Tags like in are our methods of connecting knowledge. But both still locked in text.


What if we drop text for saving knowledge? We are just locking the information in now. We need open standards! Standards that are free of a proprietary language. Like english has the current monopoly… We need to build an open network, an open connection, an open brain.

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